Emily Pilloton’s Design Process Diagram.

Project H. Redesigning a school system can be troublesome, but Ms. Pilloton somehow injected four simple ideas into a creative learning environment that may just change the way we perceive education in America. Working in tandem with a avant-garde superintendent, and a dying town set on revamping they set their goals on four simple words: Humanity, Habitats, Health, and Happiness. Students work on developing ideas revolving around these four pillars to improve the town and schools while learning everyday mathematics, reading skills, etc. The curriculum needs not ‘real-life’ examples in the classroom because the application of these ideas are the final examination.

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In 1971 Dieter Rams introduced the Travel Quartz Movement Clocks. Not so elegant as an iPhone but at the time it was a design epiphany. 


This French company is…well they’re French. It is a wonderful time-teller. Reminiscent of the rad turntables from the 80’s. A friend once told me watches can achieve a comeback not unlike the rise of vinyl in a digital age. Let’s hope for the best.


This golden beauty does not play around. She goes by Motif and with a strong face like this, ladies you will get the looks. Don’t want the attention? Maybe opt for the black or white model, but the trendies tell me gold is in and black is out, or was it nude is in and gold is out? Either way, it belongs on your wrist, and not on the floor…


THE A168W-1:


a well received digital watch from casio, originated in the 80’s & never really refined. the databank wristwatches are bitchin’ but this lil guy has a better battery life than most pacemakers (and probably wont give you a heart attack even if it does die). great job guys. 



apparently a female time instrument from casio, although i argue that the overall design of watch faces have gotten larger lately (male & female models alike); unisex will be standard if it becomes the new trend in coming years. i’m privy to having different versions of each, but that is just my opinion.

geneva has proven its dedication to innovating the wrist-watch. the GENEVA DUAL FACE GENUINE LEATHER WATCH has a vertical face which shines an aura around yourself not unlike the iPod. the AUGUST STEINER DUAL-TIME WATCH on the other hand has a very different face, navigators & travelers will enjoy this classic piece. 

the AUGUST STEINER timepiece is a great one, the hands although delicate resemble a sturdy wing. circular and smooth, it even looks like it is aloft. yummmm.

super sleek, super sweet chronograph right here. vestal aims high for design and hits low with the price. i’ll take fifty.

super sleek, super sweet chronograph right here. vestal aims high for design and hits low with the price. i’ll take fifty.



Rosling speaks so eloquently whilst taking a calming yet subtle approach to alarmingly large data sets.

see for yourself.

timepieces, etc.

these are nice.

the murf

the murf.

the volta

the volta.

so here we are.

so here we are.